Our Core Values

MWN values caring, excellence and growth/learning in all our professional activities, as expressed in the below core values.

1. Empathy

We are sensitive to the experience and the needs of our clients and co-workers.

2. Doing Good

Helping and giving are at the core of what we do, through our basic assessment and therapy services, as well as through pro bono work, Medicaid work, refugee evaluations, Veteran’s evaluations, and charitable involvement.

3. A Flexible and Family-Friendly Workplace

We understand our staff have personal and family needs, and we do our best to support these.

4. Focus

We focus on doing a few things exceptionally well (neuropsychological assessment, and related services).

5. Interpersonal Actions/Communications

We treat our clients and co-workers exceptionally well, including through clear and supportive communications.

6. Attention to Detail

Everything we do reflects who we are as a company, down to the details, so we strive to get these right.

7. Simplicity

We continually strive for functional simplicity in our products, services and business practices.

8. Learning and Enrichment

We value learning/enrichment, and so continually update our test materials, seminars, trainings and staff library.

9. Equal Opportunity

We serve a diverse clientele, and accept and promote diversity in our staff.

10. Personal and Professional Growth

We create opportunities for staff to grow as individuals and advance in the company, by taking on increased responsibilities and leading us in new directions.