Metrowest Neuropsychology cTrack Monitoring Series

The MWN Cognitive Tracking “cTrack” Monitoring Series (mobile applications) provides family members and health care professionals with user-friendly, hand-held assessment tools for tracking a variety of cognitive and behavioral symptoms in their patients and loved ones. The cTrack Series is under development, and consists of applications for monitoring common cognitive conditions. The Age-related Cognitive Impairment application is the first in this series to be released.

cTrack Age-related Cognitive Impairment Mobile App

  • Age-related cognitive impairment is associated with a number of neurological conditions which tend to progress over time. Accurate and ongoing assessment of patients experiencing progressive neurocognitive illness is essential for proper diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up care. This app is part of the cTrack Monitoring Series, created by experts at Metrowest Neuropsychology for caregivers. The cTrack Age-related Cognitive Impairment app is now available in the Google Play store. This app provides:
    • Comprehensive monitoring through an assessment designed by experts
    • Interactive graphs that track important changes over time
    • Tracking 4 key functional domains: mental ability, communication, emotional-behavioral, and daily activity
    • Facilitation of patient care and support
    • Hundreds of customized helpful tips for patient and caregivers
  • The program allows for storage of historical data, providing a metric for change over time, including changes associated therapeutic intervention or medication adjustment, changes in environment (e.g. housing), and changes due to the natural course of illness. The cTrack program generates easy-to-understand data for family and healthcare providers to enable and optimize patient care. The program also provides hundreds of helpful recommendations that can be used to improve overall functioning and quality of life.

cTrack Monitoring Series; Terms of Use

  • Disclaimer: The Metrowest Neuropsychology, LLC cTrack app (“cTrack”) is provided as an educational service of Metrowest Neuropsychology, LLC (“MWN LLC”). It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Do not delay or disregard seeking professional medical advice from your physician or other qualified health care provider. If you have any concerns about medical, psychological, or cognitive symptoms, these should be referred to to a medical professional. In the event of a medical emergency, call 911 immediately. By using this app, you agree to the terms and conditions stated within this page.
  • Data Storage: This Data Storage policy governs use of the software application MWN cTrack, developed for mobile devices by Metrowest Neuropsychology, LLC. All data collected and generated by this app reside within the individual customer’s mobile device. The user is aware that data is stored on their device is not encrypted, and thus password protection of the device may be considered by the user. Data collected and generated through MWN cTrack are never accessible by Metrowest Neuropsychology, LLC. The use and safeguarding of such data is the sole responsibility of the individual user.
  • What is Collected? Raw data (i.e. responses to questions and app preferences) are collected, stored, and processed within the individual customer’s mobile device. Data are only accessible by the individual user of the device. The app does not solicit or collect any personally-identifiable information from users.