The Neuropsychology Report: A Guide for Families and Teachers

This post is meant to give readers of neuropsychology reports – especially family members, and teachers – a guide to what to look for and expect from such reports. Neuropsychology reports should not be full of jargon, or overly long (6 – 8 pages maximum, often does it). They should strive to be comprehensive, yet concise, speaking […]

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Neuropsychology of Mindfulness

Clint Eastwood does it. So does Tina Turner. And Rupert Murdoch, LeBron James, and Bill Gates. At long last, a celebrity endorsement can sell the populace an actual life changer–a practice, not a product. What these and millions of other people from all walks of life have discovered is the healthy habit of mindfulness meditation. […]

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living with dimentia

Living Alone with Dementia

The Alzheimer’s Association recently issued a report indicating that 1 in 7 persons with Alzheimer’s dementia, other dementia or a significant cognitive disorder actually lives alone – according to MSNBC. This means that of the estimated 5.4 million Americans with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, 800,000 are living alone, without the benefit of a […]

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intelligence testing

Intelligence Testing: Past and Present

Welcome to this blog post about the history of intelligence testing. If the numbers associated with IQ tests are a mystery to you, or you are anxious about how results might be used, read on. After defining intelligence testing, we will review the historical problems associated with such testing, and the challenges of designing a […]

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Competency Evaluations in Older Adults

Competency Evaluations in Older Adults

This brief post is about competency evaluations, specifically as concerns elder individuals who might be developing problems with their thinking or memory. A neuropsychological evaluation concerning competency in these cases must first determine what specific type of competency is in question. It should be noted that “competency” typically refers to a legal decision by a […]

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Attention and Productivity

Welcome to this blog post on attention and productivity. Someone anonymously posted the following 7 productivity tips on the community billboard at work. I do not know the original source for each of these tips. Several are reminiscent of Robin Sharma’s advice on limiting distractions and maintaining physiological energy. Not all of them are necessarily […]

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what to expect when you schedule your appointment with metro west neuro psych

Scheduling Your Appointment

In this post, we will be addressing frequently asked questions regarding: Scheduling your neuropsychology test appointment with Metrowest Neuropsychology Payment options What to expect during testing day Completing your test report Scheduling your appointment To set up a testing appointment, you can: Call 508-983-1425, to speak with our Client Services team about your testing needs […]

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Payment Information

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