Psychotherapy, Counseling, and Consultation

The well-being of our clients is important to us, including as concerns their overall mental health. As a result, we offer evaluations and treatments for anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns. In this regard, we specialize in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and other validated approaches, guided by careful interview/assessment of a client’s needs. These services are available individually, and at times in group settings.

Please visit our provider page to learn more about each therapist, and their specific specialties.

Further, to help manage symptoms related to cognitive and memory disorders (as in Alzheimer’s disease), we offer general psychoeducation. These services provide clients and families with a better understanding of a client’s condition, based on the latest research in neuropsychology, neuroscience and medicine. 

We also provide psychopharmacology/medication reviews with linkage to experts in neurology and neuropsychiatry, and information related to ongoing clinical research trials. 

Finally, our expert neuropsychology staff are available to consult with outside psychologists, neuropsychologists, and other treatment or legal professionals on complex/demanding cases, including review of records and past reports. 

For Psychotherapy, Counseling, and Neuroscience or Neuropsychological Consultation, we accept only private pay.