Recommendations For Other Service Providers

Notice: Metrowest Neuropsychology Is Not Accepting New Clients.

All other inquiries can be made by contacting:

A list of possible providers for therapy and neuropsychological services may be found here:

  1. Dr. Saumya Sharma
    Adolescent and Adult Neuropsychology
  2. Dr. Rebecca Wershba
    Adolescent and Adult Neuropsychology
  3. Dr. Meg Manning
    Child Neuropsychology Metrowest Child Assessment, Inc.
  4. Dr. Kathryn Geremia
    Adult Psychotherapy
  5. Dr. Rachel Andaloro
    Adolescent and Adult Neuropsychology
  6. Cornerstone Behavioral Health
    Child/Adolescent Neuropsychology
    508-791-3677 – ext. 2

Payment Information

Not all payment methods are accepted for all services. Please check with your service provider first.

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