Scheduling Your Appointment

In this post, we will be addressing frequently asked questions regarding:

  • Scheduling your neuropsychology test appointment with Metrowest Neuropsychology
  • Payment options
  • What to expect during testing day
  • Completing your test report

Scheduling your appointment

To set up a testing appointment, you can:

Call 508-983-1425, to speak with our Client Services team about your testing needs or email us through

After you contact us and we conduct a brief interview, intake/history forms will be sent to you for you to fill out and return to us.

A very brief informational form can also be found under the “Contact Us” tab on our website (, and is designed to send directly from the website to our Client Services team to start the intake process.

For clients using private pay, a testing appointment can be arranged immediately, once the intake form has been completed.

For clients using health insurance, information from your intake form will first be sent to our billing department to obtain clearance for testing.  All of your information is always kept strictly confidential.

Once insurance clearance has been obtained (allow up to 10 business days), you will be contacted with available appointment times.

We maintain a very reasonable wait list.

Payment options

We currently accept (Blue Cross/Blue Shield [all plans], Tufts, UBH, MBHP, or Medicare), Medicare and private pay.

For certain insurances that do not cover the entire cost of the evaluation, the balance will be paid by the client.

Our standard private pay fee is $225 per hour, for individual clients (due in full on day of testing).  Psychoeducational evaluations usually require about 10 hours total (review of records, interviews, testing, report writing and feedback).  Neuropsychological evaluations usually require about 12-14 hours total. Expedited services are also provided, when possible, with additional fees. School contract rates are available, based on number of referrals anticipated.

What to expect during test day

For most cases, testing can be completed within one day.

A typical psychoeducational evaluation (involving tests for IQ and academic levels) requires about 3.5-4 hours of testing time with the client.  In some cases, emotional/behavioral measures are also given, to understand the client’s functioning in these domains, and to make appropriate recommendations for emotional and behavioral supports.

A neuropsychological evaluation is typically more in-depth, and involves assessment of skills such as attention, information processing speed, fine motor speed/dexterity, receptive and expressive language, spatial ability, verbal and visual-spatial memory, higher-order reasoning, plus mood, personality and/or effort testing.  Such evaluations measure all key cognitive domains, and provide information on functioning of critical brain areas and circuitries. A basic neuropsychological evaluation requires about 4 – 5 hours of testing time with the client. Testing time can of course be longer, depending on the complexity of the case.

Test batteries are comprised of a variety of relatively brief tasks.  Most clients find the testing process moves along quickly, and is both interesting and challenging.

No one is expected to perform perfectly on all tests. It is most important that individuals give their best effort on tests, in order to provide the best indication of their personal strengths, and any deficits they might have.

Please note: Clients and their families have access to bathrooms at our office suite, a comfortable waiting room, and complimentary coffee. In a typical 3-5 hour test session, refresher breaks (for stretching, water and snacks, etc.) are provided regularly.  For longer sessions, clients may bring in a light meal, or obtain one through our on-site catering service. Our main office is conveniently located at the junction of Routes 90 and 495, in Westborough. There is ample free parking directly outside the office building.  The office building itself is located in a large, beautifully wooded complex 30 minutes from the outskirts of Boston. We also have office locations in Wellesley and Pembroke. All locations have comfortable, air conditioned waiting areas with ample reading materials and restrooms nearby.

All evaluations are conducted by expert personal, and supervised by a board certified clinical neuropsychologist (Jeffrey J. Gaines, Ph.D., ABPP-CN).

Processing your test report

A first draft of your report is typically ready within 10-12 business days.  This draft can sometimes be sent to the client or referral source to confirm accuracy in historical background, add any recommendations that might be helpful, etc. Following receipt of any additional input from the client and/or referral source, the report draft will then be finalized within 2 days, signed and delivered by email, fax and/or regular mail.  A final report is thus typically available within 2 weeks of the test date.

Based on test results, recommendations will be made to address any significant cognitive, emotional and/or behavioral concerns.

Recommendations are carefully tailored to each individual, based on the testing, client and collateral input.

Again, testing is designed to highlight an individual’s mental and emotional/behavioral strengths, as well as any difficulties they might be having.

A feedback session explaining all details in your report is offered either by phone or, if you prefer, during a follow-up appointment at our offices.

Thank you for reading this blog post. We look forward to working with you!

Leslie Sachs, Metrowest Neuropsychology, Summer Intern 2011 and Jeffrey J. Gaines, Ph.D., ABPP-CN